The Triangle Coffee Table is made from a reclaimed window that floats above a minimal steel rebar frame. The vertical supports align with the mullions of the window above, and the strength of the steel frame allows the window to cantilever on all of its corners. The sealed surface rust and ribs on the rebar frame give it a texture that has an organic yet industrial aesthetic that blends well with the wood of the window frame.



The Door Bar is made from an old door that is mitered and connected via bolts to steel brackets and a rebar frame, with a hanging shelf suspended from the door above.  The design aims to keep the character of the old door intact, with paint chips, hinges, and door knob hardware becoming features of the table, thus revealing its past lives, while also embracing modernity through its minimal steel frame connections.


The Window Console Table uses a reclaimed window, square tube steel, and a hanging wood shelf to create a one of a kind table that can be put behind a couch or against a wall.



A custom designed table top for converting a fire pit into a functional table for spring and summer use. This design uses board formed concrete and the wood ipe, which is great for outdoor use. The board formed concrete has the imprinted wood grain from its wooden forms, and so the aesthetic of the wood grain carries from the wood to the concrete. The Ipe will slowly get more grey overtime from being exposed to the elements and will eventually turn a similar grey to the concrete, letting nature finis...

These shelves are made from rebar with a flat steel cross brace and an adjustable hanging shelf on threaded rod with stained pine panel wood shelves. For those who don't know, rebar is the steel that is used to reinforce concrete in buildings, so it has a cool architectural connotation as well.



A beautiful live-edge black walnut slab sits atop a minimal tri-steel frame made from lightly rusted and sealed rebar.



The Rebarstool is made from steel rebar, wood, and yarn, which gives it a colorful and clean aesthetic.  It can be used as a barstool or as a pedestal for displaying plants or sculptures.



This is a minimalist sculpture inspired by the marshes of Charleston, South Carolina. It is made of rebar that has been welded and then rusted through the oxidation process of multiple submersions into the salt water of the Atlantic Ocean via a creek connected to the Charleston Harbor. The Marsh Grass Sculpture can be used as a yard or garden sculpture, but it can also be used as a shoe and coat rack at the entrance to your home or on a front or back porch.



This multipurpose pedestal is made from an I-beam, square tube steel, and a piece of reclaimed wood. The design showcases the strength of steel as the wood cantilevers out, seemingly floating above the steel. The combination of the rusted steel and the rustic wood gives a modern style to a pedestal that can be used for many things like holding plants, showcasing sculptures, or even as a portable side table for your drinks, books, or a lamp.



Custom designed and built firewood holder from 1/8th mild steel sheets. The minimal and modern design showcases the strength of steel with the seemingly physics-defying cantilever. It works great as an indoor/outdoor firewood holder, but also as a magazine/newspaper rack in a living room. 



This multi-purpose table is made from an I-beam, steel square stock, and stained pine panel board. This can be used as a console table, entertainment center, or desk. The panel board wood has lots of character with its many knots and prominent grain, while the thin steel frame provides a minimal aesthetic and allows for the cantilevered shelves below, all anchored by the weight of the I-beam.



The WineWrack comes inspired from several existing designs that use this counterbalancing of weight to achieve this cantilevered physical feat to display your wine or other similarly sized bottles. The models shown here are made of oak hardwood tongue and groove flooring boards, finished in a variety of ways, from light and dark staining, to soaking in red wine to absorb the color and smell of the liquid of the bottle it holds. Can be made from a variety of different woods and in different lengths as...

The WineSpine is made from oak hardwood tongue and groove flooring boards. This model holds 7 wine bottles in a horizontal position, which is considered the best position to store wine, because it keeps the wine in contact with the cork so that the cork stays moist and doesn't dry out.



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