We combine our creative and thoughtful architectural design with state-of-the-art video game technology to bring ideas to life through renderings, virtual reality, fly-thrus and cinematic videos, which give you greater insight, control, and understanding of a design before construction.  We would be honored to work with you to design your new dream home, addition, renovation, restaurant, museum, office, retail space, anything!   We provide full architectural services including detailed construction documents and construction administration, so that we can help make your dream into a reality!

click to drag view in 360 degrees

Become immersed in an architectural scene with photorealistic rendering materials and lighting, swaying trees and foliage, floating clouds, and an active day / night cycle.  Materiality in design projects is as important as the form and function, so visualizing high-quality realistic materials and lighting gives the client and designer the best possible information from which to make decisions in order to realize their dream project.

If you're an architect, realtor, interior designer, etc., we can provide you with rendering services to bring your own designs to life.  We look forward to working with you!

-Julie Keyes and Scott Keyes

Steel Marsh

Email: julie@steelmarsh.com



Boston Red Sox - Steel Marsh designed a proposed player development facility in Lowell, MA, for use by the Red Sox and their farm team, The Spinners.  Steel Marsh also created a 3D digital model, renderings, and a flythru video.  In collaboration with CAC


First Baptist High School + Athletic Center - Charleston - Design by LS3P Architects; Renderings and Flythru Video by Steel Marsh

Glenn Keyes Architects - Charleston City Market Renovations (archviz), Charleston Visitor Center (archviz), Historic Fireproof Building (archviz and 3D print), St. John the Baptist Parish Hall (archviz), Drayton Hall Visitor Center (archviz), Lowndes Grove (construction docs.), St. George Rosenwald School Community Center (design, archviz, and construction docs), and 15+ private residences (archviz), 134 Broad St Charleston (architectural services)

Single Family Homes473 Huger St Downtown Charleston Reno/Addition, Wadmalaw River Home, Huger SC Lake Cottage, Travelers Rest Mountain House

Caveney Architectural Collaborative (CAC) - Archviz rendering services for Affordable Housing, Home Renovation; Flythru videos, design, and renderings for 50+ Retail Stores and Upfits

Joy Of Tokyo Restaurant #8  Greenville SC- architectural design services, construction documents, and renderings

St. Benedict Catholic Center, Still River, MA (CAC) Elementary School Addition Video Flythru and Renderings

Steel Marsh Projects Interactive Map

archviz IMAGES


FURNITURE + Sculpture

We are not only digital builders, but also like to design and build physical furniture and sculptures.  Our architecture backgrounds inspire our furniture and sculpture designs, and vice versa.



unbuilt architecture

Cubicity Temple
Barcelona Rooftop Pavilions
Greenville Folk Art Museum
Notorious P.I.G
Anderson Train Station
Anderson Train Station
Tree of Art Sculpture
Tree of Art Sculpture
The Village of Art - Raleigh
The Village of Art - Raleigh

Not all architecture exists in the real world.  Some buildings are made solely for entertainment like video games and movies, or for educational purposes like theoretical school projects.  Here are some of our designs that will only ever be pixels, at least for now.